Optimum Potential

Premier League Job Seekers Support Service

In 2007 OP undertook a project to investigate the feasibility of providing a bespoke outplacement service for Premier League Scholars who had been released from their clubs.

Utilising our extensive recruitment and outplacement industry expertise and working initially with Liverpool FC, Newcastle United FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC this concept evolved to become the ‘Premier League Job Seekers Support Service’, a bespoke programme which supported each club’s Head of Education & Welfare with the Career Planning aspect of their Scholarship with an ongoing programme of practical, contemporary employment industry based careers assistance to those who do not subsequently secure professional playing contracts.

Comprehensive assistance is provided, including the following:-

In November 2008 with a full programme devised, the Premier League awarded OP the contract to deliver the Job Seekers Support Service to all clubs in the Premier League. Consequently, Academy Scholars continue to benefit from careers advice and contemporary UK job market expertise as they embark on the next phase of their working lives.

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